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    今天是2021年5月25日 星期二,歡迎光臨本站 安徽豐慶食品機械制造有限公司 網址: www.2222080.cn


    過硬的產品質量 | 完善的售后服務





    Anhui F-Qing Food Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd was located at the beautiful science and technology city—Hefei, Hefei has convenient transportation. The high speed highway net extends in all directions, Shanghai - Hefei and Wuhan high-speed railroad crosses the city. It only costs you less than an hour from Hefei to Nanjing, and less than three hours to Shanghai.

    Anhui F-Qing Food Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise, who sums the food machines’ development, production and sales of the flour dim sum, the cakes and pastries. Our products collect intellectualization; machine the electrical integration in a body. The company gathers one batch people, who own the rich profession experience, and we have co operations with The University of Science and Technology of China at some high-end project, on the base of advanced management idea and technical superiority, we have always promoted enterprise's technical standards and the processing scale unceasingly. Through this diligently our market competitiveness and the comprehensive strength are strengthened higher. Till now, because of the perfect quality and the consummation post-sale service ,our product has not only salad to 31 provinces and cities inside, but also sells in distant markets, such as South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and America and so on. Many guests from different countries and areas give us deep praise.

    Our company insists the management idea of “the Faith, the Team, the Outstanding, the Service”, providing high-tech products and the fine service continuously for the customer is every F-Qing person’s unceasing pursuing goal.

    Welcome everybody to visit our company for visit and Instruction!









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